Recipe for Apple Poffertjes

Enjoy this recipe from Reiner Marks, former executive chef for Viking River Cruises.
It is called Apple Poffertjes, also known as Dutch Baby Pancakes.  These pancakes are small, puffy and fried with  apples making it especially delicious.  Hope you enjoy making this treat for your family as Reiner does for his.

7 oz flour
400 ml milk
1 Tblp sugar
1 tsp yeast
one medium sized egg
pinch of salt
1 Tblp melted butter
1 medium sized apple

Directions: (Tastes best freshly made and served immediately)

1.  Peel and core apple and cut into very small cubes.  In a small pan melt sugar slowly over low heat and add one teaspoon butter.  Caramelize the apples until soft and remove from heat.

2.  Mix yeast, milk, sugar and flour while stirring slowly until mixture is smooth.  Let it rest covered for 45 minutes.  Stir in the caramelized apples.

3.  If you don’t have a poffertjes pan use a regular skillet.  Use butter to fry the mix.  Heat pan and scoop small amounts at a time into the sizzling hot butter.  When the bottom of the poffertjes is golden brown turn them with 2 forks.

4.  Serve hot, with butter and powdered sugar.


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